CCP Access Level Permissions

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Permission Level - Business Owners

All Business location functions within CCP Except for Group Settings.

  • Program Administration Screen_Shot_2020-02-26_at_9.50.20_AM.png
    • Location info
      • Address information
      • Order settings - Takeout, delivery, cash, credit, order wait times
      • Check-in settings
    • Hours of Operation
    • Delivery Zones – for delivery orders
    • Server list – for member signups via Server help
  • General Settings
    • App links (iOS & Android)
    • Default gift card setup at Point of Sale
    • Time zone for location
    • Tax calculation by POS (default)
  • Profile Settings
  • Reports (current business only)
  • Loyalty Manager settings (iPad Loyalty Manger)
  • Survey Settings – Configuration (current location)
  • Printers – setup for remote cloud based printer
  • Program Settings – Language selection
  • Marketing


  • Campaigns – Offers – Recipient Lists - Rewards
  • Notifications: Mass Emails, Push Notification sending
  • Notification Templates - Access to general system templates
  • App Color Settings – (for single business configuration)
  • Events - (for single business configuration)
  • Promo Codes (for single business configuration)
  • Featured Content – App home screen for image management (for single business configuration)
  • Driver Configuration – Deliver Driver App
  • Menu – Mobile ordering configuration


  • CRM – Member Administration, create, edit, history, merging member accounts, etc.



  • Gift Cards – Access to gift cards, gift card groups, Virtual gift cards access


  • Activity Monitor


  • Orders – order details and history
  • Actions log – CCP users action log
  • Survey – Configuration of survey (for single business configuration)
  • WizardScreen_Shot_2020-02-26_at_10.00.13_AM.png 
    • Access to base configuration
    • App external links setup







Permission Level -CRM

  • CRM Tab - Only Member AdministrationScreen_Shot_2020-02-26_at_9.56.19_AM.png

Permission Level -Gift Card

  • Gift Card Tab -Only Gift Card moduleScreen_Shot_2020-02-26_at_9.58.09_AM.png

Permission Level -Main Menu Module

  • Menu Tab – access to Menu setup for support of mobile ordering




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