How to Qualify customers for a Campaign?



When a campaign is created, it will only start checking qualifications for members that perform the action(s) selected in the recipient list. If you would like the system to scan and qualify your current customer base, then you should click the Qualify Users button.

This will scan each member in your program to see when they performed the action(s) outlined in the recipient list and set their qualification date accordingly. If you select Send Notification, then the member's will be set to receive notifications on the day that they are qualified. In the General Settings module you can choose what time of day the campaign notifications will go out on the morning the member's are qualified.

If a member's qualification date was in the past but they are still qualified because their offer hasn't expired, then their notification will be sent out at the top of the next hour. The content of the notification is based on the email and push message section of the campaign you are currently adjusting.

The following steps will guide you in the process of qualifying users: 

  1. After creating the campaign, from the top menu click Qualify Users
  2. Depending on Campaign configuration
    Configure the checkboxes and click Start


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