Ordering Solution Diagram - Integrated Ordering

Patrick Daleen

Solution Overview: This article will be discussing the elements of the AppSuite solution highlighted below in red and how they interact together.

Below is a diagram that explains the ordering process and how the different elements are connected to each other. Important note: All pre-paid credit card orders are processed outside and prior to being sent to the POS (explained in more detail later).


If you are a Micros customer, the below diagram explains in more detail the technical diagram as to how the integration works with micros specifically.


Micros Supported Functions

  • Ordering for Takeout & Delivery Services
  • Mobile app or Web ordering direct to kitchen
  • Ecommerce enabled for credit card processing (requires Bluepay or Authorize.net)
  • Menu synchronization with POS
  • Loyalty & Rewards integrated

Note: Requires Micros Transaction Services to install and operate.


See next chapter: Basic Setup Process



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