How to set up Apple's developer account



Not so long ago, Apple have changed their privacy policy, that's why all of our clients will need to set up Apple's development account of their own to be able to access our products.

To set up Apple’s developers account, please, get familiar with the following information:

Apple requires entities to have their own Apple Developer account for publishing your loyalty app on their app store.  Setting up your account will allow us to submit your app to the app store so your customers can download it for free.  Click the below link to determine what is needed to create an account, then click on “start your enrollment.”

Once you complete your enrollment and have access to your developer account, please send us your login credentials (or make AppSuite a guest user Once this is complete, and AppSuite has all your required inputs (icon name, program name,  app icon image), AppSuite will submit your loyalty app to Apple on your behalf.


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