Notifications Module

Robert McLeod


Module located: Business => Marketing => Notifications

The notifications page is the place for you to manage the email and push notifications you want to send out to your customers.

At the top of the page you will see a button labeled create. 


This will bring you to the page where you will configure your individual notification settings. The rest of the article will explain each field on this page and how you can configure them to send the exact notification you want. 


Title: Here you will enter the title of your notification to help you manage your templates. This title will not be visible to your customers, but is here for organizational purposes only.

Notification Type: This field will offer you two choices. Either push notifications or emails. Push notifications will be sent directly to the mobile app users who opted in to receive push messages. Emails will be sent to the members who have emails listed on their profiles.

Recipients: The recipients field is where you can customizing which customers will be receiving this notification. You have 2 options, select all members or select a subset of your member list through "recipient lists". If you choose "select users" you can either create a new recipient list or select from an existing list.


Email Subject: This is only visible when the Notification type is "Email" and will be the subject that the member receives in their inbox on the email notification. 

Message: In this space is where you will type the message that will show up to the customer when they receive the notification.


Type: There are two options to choose from: 
    - Recurring is a notification that will be sent multiple times (at a set interval of your choice). 
    - One Time is a notification that will be sent once.

Starting: This is the date you want your first (or only) notification to go out to the customer base.

Ending: This field is only visible if a recurring notification is chosen. When visible, enter the date you want the recurring notification to end, or you can choose never so that it never ends.

Time Zone: The timezone that you wish to send the notification in. Example: If you choose 2:30 for the starting time, it will go out at 2:30 Eastern if you select the Eastern timezone.


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