Loyalty Manager Access Levels Module

Robert McLeod



Module located: Business => Program Administration => Loyalty Manager Access Levels

In a restaurant, it is important to restrict the ability for workers to perform certain functions to prevent fraud or mistakes.  This CCP module allows you to set permissions for the Loyalty Manager application to do just that!


There are 2 access levels that are in the system "Managers" and "Servers". These levels are permission levels that you can assign to a back office user which will give them access to the Loyalty Manager.

If you will click EDIT you can manage the Loyalty Manager permissions for your site.


Moving the values to the box on the right will grant the Server or Manager the ability to perform that task on Order Manager.  Moving the values to the left box will take those permissions away so that a  Manager or Server user cannot perform that task. 

Don't forget to save your changes.


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