Profile Settings Module

Robert McLeod

Module located: Business => Program Administration => Profile Settings

The following settings only need to be configure on the "main business" if you are a multi-unit chain.


Custom Fields Settings - These are fields that you can add to your database and capture about your customers. When you click "Enable" it will show this field in the CCP and Oracle POS. When you click "visible" it will be shown to your customer in the mobile apps. 


If you make changes on this page and don't see them on the Oracle POS's, please restart the AppSuite Service.


Complete Profile Settings - These are the fields that you will consider to be a "complete profile". This status of an account can be used to run campaigns and incentivize your guests to give you more information.


NOTE: If you change this information after you are live then all existing members may have an inaccurate representation of their profile status. If you need this adjusted, please send in a support ticket for further assistance.

Registration settings - The settings that will be visible and/or required on your registration forms in the customer facing application (iOS app, Android app, web app, etc).



Micros Settings - Settings that will change the minimum required fields on the POS registration forms.


Require email for POS registration - When disabled the POS will only require phone number, when enabled the POS will require email AND Phone number.





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