Integrated Ordering Set Up Guide Part 3: Menu Structure and Sync


This article explains the process of how/when your menu data is pulled in and kept up-to-date from your POS.


From the left control panel you can navigate to the menu structure module by menu => menu structure. Here you will create the structure of your menu.


Lunch Menu => Appetizers
                  => Burgers

Dinner Menu => Appetizers
                   => Main Dishes
                   => Desserts

Later we will show you how you then apply menu items to this structure.

Here is where you add/edit menu items to the system where we assign it to a category/sub category (explain above) as well as add the details about the menu item that your customers will see when they order from your app and/or website. 

This module is located: control panel=> Menu => Menu Items


Here are the details of a menu item and the options you have when configuring.


See next chapter:Menu Connection and Modifiers