How to fix “POS Location is Offline” error message. 

Val Grozdev



General knowledge: error occurs, when AppSuite is calling POS and doing price check – operation essential for online ordering. If in set amount of time POS did not respond, timeout occurs. POS and AppSuite systems communicate through our plugin, which have it’s own service. This particular error message means that this plugin is offline and service is not running. 


Depending on configuration, place will vary. 

For RES you need to go to Micros server, for Simphony – for CAPS workstation. 


There you need to; 
- press 'windows key' + 'r' 
- type 'services.msc', hit enter  
- wait for list of services to get displayed to you 
- locate 'AppSuite Order Manager' service, select it 
- start the service 






















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