Order Throttling

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If you are processing online orders, we all know at one time or another the kitchen can get backed up if too many orders are firing off in the kitchen. It can be challenging processing your walk-in customers and the online customers. Order Throttling is the feature that might work for you! What is Order Throttling? This is a feature that evaluates the total make time of all orders in a specified time period and allows restaurants to cap the total number of make time minutes for all orders.


You must submit a Help Desk ticket for us to turn this feature on for you. Turning on the option is done within 3 minutes or less! This is helpful, in case you are having an extremely busy day! Once the option is turned on, you will edit the options you see below. Below is an example for another restaurant. You are able to fill in whatever numbers you think works best for your business.



For every XX orders in progress (You are entering how many orders must be in progress before order throttling begins)

Increase Delivery Time by XX minutes. (This is giving an accurate delivery time based on the number of orders in the system)

Increase Takeout Time by XX minutes. (This is giving an accurate carryout time based on the number of orders in the system)

If more than XX orders in progress, suspend online ordering. Resume online ordering when orders in progress drop below XX. (This will pause online ordering until the orders move)




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