How to View Survey Details

Toy Peterson

Module located: Business => Activity Monitor => Surveys

This module shows you all the activity of surveys that are initiated, in progress, or completed. 

Member - The member that this survey was initiated on.
Status - Status of the order, either complete, initiated, or in progress
Rating - The average rating between all the questions in the survey
Flag - Determines if the response was positive or negative (based on the threshold set).
Initiated - When the survey was triggered and sent to the customer.
Server Number - If the survey was triggered from an in-store purchase, the server number will be displayed here
Check Number - The check number the survey was triggered from

If you click on the details of a survey you will see the following page:


Detailed Info - This will show you a list of every message sent and received, related to a survey

Statistics - This will show you the summary data of the survey categories and their rating within the date range provided




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