CRM Module

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Module located: Business => CRM

The CRM Module allows you to administer all aspects of your customers in the system.


Transfer reward points - This will transfer the reward points from one account to another

Register User - Adds a member to the system.

Account Cleansing - Removes accounts that have been inactive. Before running this script you should check with an AppSuite Representative to see the logic that your system is setup with to remove customers.

Merging Accounts - Merges one account into another. You will have options to select the surviving and deleted account as well as what data to merge.

Parent / Child Import - After uploading a csv file it will create the parent and child accounts in the system. This is used when here are pre-printed cards that will be handed out to random people.

Active Members - Users who have an active account.

Inactive Users - Inactive users will not be able to access their account. Suspended accounts will be marked as inactive.

Loyalty Card Users - Members that have a loyalty card linked to their account.

Deleted Members - Members who's accounts have been deleted. After an account has been deleted, another account could be created with the same information.

Searching for a customer - In this field you can search for an account by using the first name, last name, email, phone number, loyalty card, gift card, or member id.



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