Menu Schedules Module

Toy Peterson


Menu Schedules allow you to make menu items available only on certain days and times that you select.  To create a schedule for when you want one or more menu items to be available, follow the instructions below:


The left half of the screen are the schedules that are already in the system.

To edit these schedules, you can click the pencil icon.

To delete these schedule, you can click the "X" Icon.

To add a new Schedule, you can use the right half of the screen

Add a name to the schedule (for back office use only)

Select the day of the week if you want to disable the entire day

Select the start and end times.

If you have gaps in the hours, then click the + button to add another block

Click save when you're done.

After the schedule is added, you should assign this schedule to the menu items.

You can bulk assign the schedule to an entire category or sub category using the menu schedule module


You can assign the schedule to individual menu items from the menu items module.





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