Menu Manager

Robert McLeod


The Menu Manager is used to preview your menu as well as all of the modifiers attached to each menu item. Below are the steps to locate the Menu Manager in CCP:

  • Login to CCP
  • If you are a Business Group, select your Business in the upper right hand corner. If you are not, proceed to Online Ordering
  • Then click on Menu Manager

Once the modifier groups have been added to the menu items you are able to see this association to the menu items from the menu manager module.


The grey line item is the menu item. The price dropdown next to it allows you to change the price level associated with this menu item.

The red line below it is the modifier group. You have the option to change the modifier group name on this menu item.

Select One / Select Multiple - Single select means the user can only select one modifier from the below list. Select Multiple means they can select more than one.
Multi Max -  If select multiple was checked then this setting will be visible. This setting determines how many of the modifiers the user can select
Quantity - When this is enabled it will allow the user to select the same modifier more than once.
Required - Does not let the customer add this item to their cart without choosing at least one option.
Lock - This will prevent the user from changing this modifier group. They will be stuck with the default selections on this modifier group.

The indented red lines are the modifiers. These modifiers can be edited on this view and will only be changed for this menu item.

ID - This is the ID of the modifier that was pulled out of the POS.
Name - The name of the modifier. 
Price -
The price of the modifier (pulled out of the POS)
Level -
The price level selected for this modifier.
Default - 
This modifier will be select by default when this is checked

The "Restore" button will allow you to add any modifier group to this item from the library.




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