Orders Module

Toy Peterson


Module located: Business => Activity Monitor => Orders

This module allows you to see all orders filtered by the Status of order, Pay Method, is Delivery order, and Date range at the top of the page.


Below is an example of the order details.


Order number - A unique order number that AppSuite Generates

Status - The status of the order. The status will remain incomplete until updated by the restaurant. The status will automatically change to VOID if the order failed.

Date - The date the order was placed.

Pay Method - Payment method of the order.

Refund - This option will show if the payment method was credit card.

Delivery - Denotes if this was a delivery order or not.

Delivery time - The day and time the order should be ready.

Amount - The total amount of the order.

POS ticket # - POS check number.

POS Status - Status of the order in the POS. Only used by Maitre D clients.

GC Payment - It marks if the order paid by GC or not.

Details - A toggle to show or hide the order details.

Print - An option to print this order from your computer.

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