Orders Module


Module located: Business => Activity Monitor => Orders

This module allows you to see all orders filtered by the date range at the top of the page. Below is an example of the order details.

Order number - A unique order number that AppSuite Generates
Status - The status of the order. The status will remain incomplete until updated by the restaurant. The status will automatically change to VOID if the order failed.
Date - The date the order was placed.
Pay Method - Payment method of the order
Refund - This option will show if the payment method was credit_card
Delivery - Denotes if this was a delivery order or not.
Delivery time - The day and time the order should be ready.
Amount - The total amount of the order.
POS ticket # - POS check number
POS Status - Status of the order in the POS. Only used by Maitre D clients
Details - A toggle to show or hide the order details
Print - An option to print this order from you computer.