Rewards Module


Module located: Business => Marketing => Rewards

Changing the settings on this page is applicable only if you are a single unit. If you are a group, you must edit this from the group module.

The only exception to this rule is the earn rate. This setting should be set properly if you have 1 or many locations.

The first page is a summary of the earn rate and redemption rate of new rewards.

If the earn rate is changed, you will change it for all new transactions.

If the redemption rate is changed, it will not effect any existing rewards, only new ones that are added. If you need to adjust the reward redemption rates, you should do this from the rewards module.


Status Settings Page

This page should only be configured if you are a single location, if you have multiple locations then this should be configured at the group level.

Title - The name of the status level (this is displayed to users in email, mobile apps, POS, etc)
Description - The description of the status level. It is often used to explain the benefits of obtaining this status level. 
Min Value - The minimum number of points required to obtain this status level
Max Value - The maximum number of points required to obtain this status level
Color - The color of the status level that will be displayed to the user

NOTE: Do not overlap or have gaps in the point values between each status level.

Program Details

This module is a sunset feature and is not used anymore. 

Rewards Settings

This module is used to automatically assign points to a customer when the perform the action. NOTE: The majority of these events are sunset and will soon be removed (outlined below):