How to refill a Gift Card?


To refill a Gift Card press the button that is labeled something like “ReLoad Gift Card”. In the next window that will appear you can either swipe or manually enter the gift card number, then press “Enter/Yes” button. 


In the next window you can enter the amount of money to that you would like to add to the gift card (Example is in USD) and press “Enter/Yes” button to proceed.


From here, a confirmation pop-up window will appear. Press “Enter/Yes” button to proceed or “Clear/No” button if you want to change the amount or cancel the refilling process. The result will be that the check will increase by the amount you loaded on the card. Once the check is closed out THEN the balance will be loaded on the card, until then if you did a balance lookup you will find that the card has the same amount on it as before.