How To - Location Info


This page is primarily used to control data in your mobile apps. Below is an explanation of what each field controls. 

There are a few buttons at the top of the page, here is what they control:
- Hours of Operation - Used to display when you are open. Also, if you are using AppSuite for integrated ordering, this will be the time that the system allows your customers to place orders in.
- Delivery Zone - Used for ordering to decide where you will deliver to. If a customer's delivery address is not within one of the zones, we will not allow them to order.
- Server List - Used to display a list of your staff members on the registration form so you can track who is referring your guest to register.


Used to display your location info in the mobile apps:
- Business Name
- Country
- Address
- City
- State
- Postal Code
- Phone Code
- Phone
- Email
- Web
- Longitude/Latitude
- Photo
- Description

The following settings are used to enable or disable certain features related to ordering:
- Takeout Ability - Enables your customers to place an order for takeout (aka pickup).
- Delivery Ability - Enables your customer to place an order for delivery.
- Catering Ability - Enables your customer to place an order for catering.
- Cash Ability - Enables your customer to place an order and pay with cash (ie. when they pick the order up).
- Credit Card Ability - Enables your customer to prepay for an order with a credit card.
- Delivery Time - The amount of prep time that you need to create an order once it is received.

Revenue Center Number - Used to map a business to a specific revenue center. This is only used for customers that are using Micros 9700, Symphony 1.x or 2.x.